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01 okt 2020


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23 aug 2018

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16 aug 2015

Over Redspher Group (Flash Europe International Group)

About Redspher Group
Redspher is an open platform that facilitates and simplifies on-demand delivery.

Redspher, as a platform, covers most of the services related to On-Demand delivery, offering tailor made solutions.

Redspher brings together all legal entities operating under the following brands: Easy2Go, Easy4Pro, Easy2Trace, Flash, GeniusAcademy, Roberts.eu, Rubiwin, Schwerdtfeger Transport, Upela & Yoctu (this list is exhaustive on the date of last
update of the document and may change according to the evolution of the Group).

What is on-demand delivery?
On-Demand delivery, as opposed to programmed transport, is organized upon request from a shipper. It offers more flexibility for the shipper. Whereas it’s an urgent same-day delivery across Europe, or a last mile delivery for a parcel, Redspher has a solution for you. Our logistics needs to pick up the pace so you can rely on a more flexible supply-chain.

CSR is a pillar of Redspher’s identity and all members are strongly encouraged to commit to the UN Global Compact objectives joined in October 2016: enforce Human- and Labour rights, protect the environment and fight corruption.

All of this done with Redspher environmental objectives and the Group’s long term targets as described in our corporate CSR approach in mind, resulting in earning the 3rd Lean & Green Star award on our way to the ultimate goal of zero emissions.

For more information: redspher.com