16 Nov 2022

How multinationals can measure ‘Scope 3’ emissions for CSRD

A growing number of multinationals and other companies realise carbon reporting in logistics is rapidly becoming the new standard and in the near future will be mandatory.
Within the recently adopted Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) in Europe, large companies must also report the “Scope 3″ emissions of, and thus also the CO2 emissions of (outsourced) transportation.


Do you want to know how to prepare your logistics operation for the upcoming European regulations on CO2 measurement and reporting?

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What will we cover?
In this webinar you will learn what the CSRD is about and provide you with tips & tools how to get started.

About the organizers
This webinar is a collaboration between Lean & Green Europe and BigMile. Lean & Green Europe has a proven track record of enabling collaboration in logistics and guiding our partners towards a less wasteful and a more sustainable future.

BigMile is a calculation and analysis platform which logistics service providers and shippers can use to optimize and report on their multimodal transport-related CO2 emissions: per customer, per logistics service provider, per shipment or per region. ​​​​​​​




Wed Nov16: 09.30 - 10.30 Free online webinar (EN)